Find string in all files in folders using PowerShell

The following PowerShell command will search the “C:\path” folder and all files within it (including sub-folders) for the string “find me”. It will print a list of the file paths where the string was found.

Get-ChildItem "C:\path" -recurse | Select-String -pattern "find me" | group path | select name


SSRS won’t bind HTTPS to new certificate — “We are unable to create the certificate binding”

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This blog post is around the situation where you have SSRS setup to use HTTPS and thus using a certificate and the certificate expires (or just needs replacing). We had caught the initial error via our Continuous Monitoring of the SSRS site — basically when the certificate expired we got an exception and alerted on it.

The client installed a new certificate but the issue arose where in Reporting Service Configuration Manager we went to use the new certificate but when we chose it we got this error:

We are unable to create the certificate binding

SSRS Cert issue Error in SSRS Configuration Manager

And Reporting Service Configuration Manager removes the HTTPS binding.

We checked and the certificate is installed correctly.

So we looked in SSRS logs:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSRS11.<instance>Reporting ServicesLogFiles

It is amazing for a reporting system how badly errors are reported in the log files. Basically there was nothing…

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SQL Server 2016 is generally available

Microsoft today is announcing the general availability (GA) of its SQL Server 2016 database software. Among the more notable enhancements it brings are updatable, in-memory column stores and advanced analytics.

One deal available for a short period is to migrate your databases from Oracle and, for a limited time, receive the necessary SQL Server licenses for free with software assurance.

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is a separate product available here